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I'm fifty years old, married, 3 grown kids, live in northern NJ in the middle of nowhere. It's pretty, and I like the proximity to wooded trails for nice long runs. I'm pretty low maintenance, but even so, I'm always struggling. On the other hand, I also laugh often and deeply. Life is a grand adventure, and I'm happy to be taking the ride.

You don’t mess with my heart (Komen et al)

This post is in part about the Komen debacle;  if you aren’t familiar with it,start here. Otherwise read on: See this? This is my heart. My HEART. Although this is just one of my three children, for the sake of … Continue reading

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Today is my 50th Birthday

Today is my 50th birthday. And this is the blog I promised myself I’d create, and maintain, through my 5oth year.  I have 49 more things I need to do before the year is out, but I’ve already done a … Continue reading

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